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Wine Gift for a Man's Birthday

If you are searching an important gift to give a man for his birthday,  no doubts! We suggest you this elegant ,  wooden box with wine accessories that contains two precious Italian wines:Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino and Teo Costa Barolo Monroj.

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The elegant wooden box with wine accessories contains a bottle of Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino and a bottle of Teo Costa Barolo Monroj. The wine accessories are very useful and elegant made of stainless steel : the bottle opener ,the drip stop collar ring,the pouring device,the wine stopper and the termometer.
Using these wine accessories  is  a great way to pour a precious wine during an elegant dinner  in order to avoid wasting drops of the precious nectar.

Biondi-Santi of Montalcino was born in the second half of ninenteenth century in the Ferruccio Biondi -Santi's farm (Tuscany) and it was the first wine to be accorded  D.O.C.G. status.This bottle contains an exceptional Brunello of Montalcino 2009 obtained by the exceptional harvest of 2009.
It shows an intense ruby red and a complex bouquet with note of withered roses.Its taste is harmonic,good structured,warm,with tannins and acidity in perfect balance, persistent and savoury  ,with an aftertaste of fruity and  spicy aromas.Brunello of Montalcino needs several hours aeration before serving at the temperature of 18* C.It matches with fillet with green pepper,cut of beff,Fiorentina steak, hard cheese.
Alcohol m/l 100 ml:13.13
Residual sugar g/l:2.02
Total dry extract g/l: 27.17
Total  acidity g/l: 5.15
 Aging. 30/40 years

Teo Costa Barolo Monroj
Barolo is one of the greatest wines in the world,rich of incomparable tradition and history ,incomparable character,with D.O.C.G. status. From the grapes of its"Monroj vinegard  at La Morra, beautifully placed on a hill top ,Teo Costa winery produces Barolo Monroj  ,a Barolo of rare complexity and delicacy.
Aged red wine with firm structure and superb concentration.
Alcohol content:14,5%
Acidity 5,6 grams per litre
Colour: deep gamed red with orange reflections
Smell: noble,intense and very persistent
Taste: very rich and harmonious,hextraordinarily full,generous and velvety
Serving temperature: 18/ 19* C

A bottle of Brunello Montalcino Biondi Santi 2009
A bottle of Barolo Monroj Teo Costa
Wine accessories:three wine stoppers,a collar,a cork screw,a foil cutter,a pour spout,a termometer.


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