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Rich and Festive Christmas Basket

Sober and important, this gourmet basket is the classic corporate gift or family that everyone would like to receive at Christmas!

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119,00 €

Rich in high quality products is truly everyone's dream! Hand-wrapped Panettone Tre Marie, Pregnant Wine, Extra Dry Sparkling Wine, High Pastry Products, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Gragnano pasta, porcini mushroom sauce and many other products are contained in this gorgeous basket that is truly a Christmas Eve invitation of irresistible goodness!
Long oval red and white basket;
 Panettone Tre Marie wrapped in hand 750 g;
 Sparkling Extra Dry Gold Mionetto 11 ° 750 ml;
 Wine Cabernet Sant'Orsola 11 ° 750 ml;
 Assorted Pastry Box Vanoir 200 g;
 Lindt Chocolate Lindt Chocolate Box 150 g;
 Berry Jams Capricci di Gola 220 g;
 Chocolate finely ground coffee Caffarel 100 g;
 Package The Chocolate Beads Caffarel 93 g;
 Packing Cream and Cherry Blends Virginia 80 g;
Stuffed candies Delizie di Bosco Feletti 100 g;
 Parmigiano Reggiano cheese seasoning 18 months 150 g;
 Salame Strolghino Antichi Sapori d'Italia 150 g;
 Sesame and rosemary granules Tenuta del Cervo 100 g;
 Balsamic vinegar bottle of Modena Royal Vinegar 250 ml;
 2 pasta packs Gragnano fusilli 250 g;
 Vase with porcini mushrooms Tenuta del Cervo 185 g;
BOX MEASURES cm 80x40xh28.

To ensure integrity during transportation, all glass products travel packed in pluriball.
It is the discretion of the recipient to recompose the basket as a photo.


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