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Who are we?

OilWineItaly is a project which has born from a ten-year activity in the Italian sour food sector. It join the selling concept said “from producer to the customer” in the direct communication: internet.
The objective is to complete an ahead  pass ,serving directly even privates and optimizing the coasts and middle passages.
From the continuous long passion , more then 40 years, it is born the ambitious idea to aim an overlook toward the future, trying to extend the commercial space through the brand-new technologic tool of e-commerce. Our site from the elevated technologic contents, is of simple and fast utilize and it allows the access for all, pointing out the OilWineItaly as a reference point for the distribution and purchase of wine, olive oil and Mediterranean delicacies “On line”
Competitive and innovative, actually we are present in all countries CEE and in a great part of the rest of World.
Attention and care to the customer, quality of products and service, a continuous formation and information for a better competence, they allowed us to transform the idea in reality.
It is born from Brand which connect  Piedmont, Toscana and Puglia with the rest of the world and brings to the residence the Made in Italy. The Extra Virgin olive oil that is characterized for authenticity and is thought  for daily use of all the family. Our wine selections that has born to inspire and involve body and mind in an incredible trip of identification and to delight a great cup of wine even when cellars are already closed, to have in arrangement a professional wine cellar without stuffed with bottles, our greed filled from truffle, the food of Goods, for a unforgettable party or for sending a enjoyable and original gift.
The extreme of the quality united to the practicality and commodity. We are the unique portal web in Italy which propose a complete profile of the Producer: Its story, its philosophy, its hard work in campaign, in vineyard and toward olives, and of course  the total information of its products.
In our site you can find wines and oils of difficult traceability., but of an absolute quality, that you will take comfortably in your homes in a competitive prize.
We have develop a partnership with leaders of trade market in respective sectors for selling the best Italian products not only in Europe, toward the creation of an innovated web platform. The object of this project is to offer to the customers the opportunity to identify and purchase wines, oils and delicious wine and food directly from producers.

In backward of the company, they are persons with flesh and blood: here they are, one by one

Federica Scanderebech

OilWineItaly has born from a project that is thought by Federica Scanderebech , the administrator of New Service On Line S.r.l.s society , the manager of online platform.
Born in Torino, graduated in International Studies and specialized in communication, with innate passion for the Made in Italy, which leads her to be interested always more of the agro industrial  produced in her territory. This passion drives her to follow continuous formation courses in all social networks and social innovation. In the work on company it spouses from 2006 the political activity like as the “Consiglere del Comune di Torino”. The deepening of subject matters sour delicatessen and enological, united to the personal research of life style inspired to the sustainability and to the values of tradition, leads her in nutritional choices  of wines, oils and good healthy foods , connected with the territory , expression of  the everyday life, which the project is inspired from

Deodato Scanderebech

Born and  grown up until his young age in a small country of 1.500 citizens, Felline, in Salento.
From Puglia in sixty years he is transferred in Torino for graduated in Engineering Polytechnic University.
The passion for his origin land; the Puglia and his origin from a farmer family they push him to be more interested always more in an agro industrial sector, becoming by this way even the assessor of Agricultural of Piedmont Region.
Scanderebech says: “I cultivated the basis like this, starting from the wine of my father , that I used to drink during the pastas prepared by my mother. However the Italy is very complex and incredibly different for stopping just in family experience. Then being the Assessor of Agriculture of Piedmont Region, helped me to know the natural and “wine and food” beauties that the piedmont territory has in property, and converting in words that which was only a sensation and later the prestige of having covered the role of the Honorable of Italian Republic, was the crowing achievement of a great love story, that today continue to be promoted all over the world in quality of Responsible Marketing, the exclusive “wine and food”  delicacies presented to OilWineItaly”.
Iose Tina Sberna
Born in Torino, graduated in Foreign Languages, an English  teacher, from many years occupied with specified sector of natural alimonies and in particular of principal products that accompany the Mediterranean diet. Naturally occupying with family, she often prepares delicious dishes , realized with Mediterranean recipes where do not miss the Extra Virgin olive oil both together with tomatoes sauce. The passion for healthy foods and the delicatessen security, takes it in an further studio that will permit it to receive the certificate of REC near the Commercial Room of Torino which will allow to develop for more then 15 years a company leader of  the deliver at residence of Water Sant’Anna of Vinadio, wine, oil and various drinks. In this project is Responsible Food Security (HACCP).

Prove us! Start to explore and to delight the best of Made in Italy, the wine, the oil and the italian delicacies.


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