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Privacy Policy- Introduction
The New Service On Line S.r.l.s. is particularly careful and sensible to the protection of the secrecy and of fundamental rights of persons and of their private field , and seems that  the Internet is a tool potentially dangerous for the circulation of your personal data, it wanted to be seriously engaged on respecting behavior rules, in line with the legislative decree, 30 June 2003, n. 196 (code in protection matter of personal Italian data; in continuation even the “Privacy Code”), which guarantee a safe, controlled and reserve navigation in net.
Also, the under listed you will find even basic principles which inspire the privacy politic of New Service On Line S.r.l.s. when the data are released through the compilation of paper and  by telephone questionnaire. This protection politic of the privacy of information, might come through times variety, even in function of integrations and of legislative modifications and regulatory in subject, therefore, we invite you to consult periodically this section of our site. You want, hence, to take a sight of rules that the New Service On Line S.r.l.s. is imposed to collect and to deal with personal data  and  to procure always a service satisfying the costumers of its own site and its effective and potential clients, in general (in succession, even jointly: “the interested person” or “ the interested people”).
Basis principles of privacy policy of New Service On Line S.r.l.s.
-Accomplish the necessary operations for entry on site, which allows to be informed of innovations of  the New Service On Line S.r.l.s, and consulting reserved areas at registered users.
-Utilize exclusively the data which are released spontaneously from the interested.
-Make available the data to the third subjects for instrumental goals when it is required specifically and accurately selected by us.
-Inform the interested if the data are communicated to third subjects for activities connected when its interest or communicate to the third in other cause, what is imposed by law, regulations or legislation community;
- utilize the data to send advertising e-mails of third societies, only in cause in which was released the precisely expressed consensus;
-answering to the cancellation, modification requests , integration of supplied data, of opposition at data process if they are handled in violence of law, of opposition in treatment of data even by publicity e-mails and other publicity materials even printed or even telephonic sales.
-Ensure a correct and legitimate treatment of your data, protecting your  secrecy , even applying measures suitable to the security and protection. Of integrity and of availability of its own data.
Information of privacy
As well cleared in sectors which allow to join, setting personal data, at reserved services to the users of our site, the requested data are utilized for responding the requests specified and voluntary advanced from users. In particular, the collected  activities and further treatment of personal data are completed to the commercial pursued goals of New Service On Line S.r.l.s and particularly for:
-accomplishing the necessary operations for the site entry, which allows to be informed of the news of New Service On Line s.r.l.s. and consulting reserved areas to the registered users.
-purchase orders of the own products
-sending the Newsletter if it required by the user.
Similarly, when the data are collected through letter or telephonic questionnaires, the New Service On Line S.r.l.s will treat exclusively for its own institutional goals for the institutional for development of necessary activities and handle with requests of the interested one , processing his orders and keeping him updated for its own products and services.
The completing set forms predict the data which are strictly necessaries to participate if there is interest, and to whom  the missing pointing does not permit to make possible the request, but even that of the data of optional provision.
The obligatory data are generally, characterized by asterisk.
All treatments effectuated by New Service On Line S.r.l.s. are realized with logics connected with purposes for the which the data are selected and in respect of the applicable regulation of security, for the objectives specified one by one in the information presented to the interested.
For purposes connected to service distribution where the interested has participated, the data will be in disposition of third subjects which will operate such as free managers of treatment, and that supply instrumental services to satisfy the users request( for example, the societies which wraps and deliver the ordered products) or to them the communication of data is necessary to comply in law’s rules or regulations.
The New Service On Line S.r.l.s. will use the data of its own clients even for sending publicity e-mails for their own products of similar nature of them already purchased, according to the permission from the Codice Privacy in matter, giving always to the client, the possibility  to oppose the use of his data for that purpose. At the same way when arranged from the protection regularity to the customer protection, the New Service On Line S.r.l.s. can utilize the data for sending purchasing  offers of its own products in postal address of clients, with the condition that can not be declared the opposite. Eventually, only if it was known the agreement, expressed even by telephone fro the interested, the New Service On Line S.r.l.s., might utilize the data for purposes of telephonic sale or for polls and trade market research. The prior agreement, the data can be utilized by the New Service On line S.r.l.s. for sending publicity e-mails for products and services of their own commercial partners.
Upon the permission , the data of registered users will be used even for the distribution of the information service by e-mail for products Ne Service On Line S.r.l.s. that has been required spontaneously from the user, by this way for the deliver of the newsletter eventually required. The personal data will be available for persons specially authorized by New Service On Line S.r.l.s. and if necessary the designated nominations  for the process , which conduct  process activity, essential for the pursuing of above indicated goals; the categories of charged subjects, are time to time specified in instructions. In a general line, its about persons in charge of distribution of specified services , to administration, to the management of informative services , to the relations of effective and potential clients, to marketing and sales, to call-center.
Eventually, the data can be used even for complying obligations provided from the law, regularity or community legislation, or if its required, they will be in disposition of control authorities.
The New Service On Line S.r.l.s. with the seat in course Giovanni Lanza 19, 10131 Torino(TO) is manager of process for the effects of Privacy code, seeing as, it can decide how and for what reasons, communicated in specified informative, collecting and utilizing the personal data conferred by the user. It decides even with which instruments can handle them, and security procedures to activate for guarantee integrity, privacy and availability.
They are guaranteed the cancelation, modification, rectification or integration rights of the data spontaneously supplied, such as the right to ask the block, the transformation in anonymous form, and to oppose their treatment for legitimate reasons or if will not be wanted to receive the publicity material . Thanks of the practice of this rights , it will be possible to you to control the use of your data even after their conferment.
Those rights , might be practiced in any moment, writing at address : or in alternative by sending a letter to the New Service On Line S.r.l.s., course Giovanni Lanza 19, 10131 Torino(TO), Italy.
Particularly it is the right to obtain:
The confirmation of the existence or less of personal data which belongs to you and the communication in an  intelligible form of their own data and of their origin, also of logic and purpose where is based the treatment if executed with electronic instruments; the request can be renovated, it saves the existence of justified reasons, with an interval not shorter than 90 days.
- the cancelation, the transformation in an anonymous form or the interruption of data treated on violence of law.
-The revision, the rectification in other words, in case if there is interest, the data’s integration
To oppose , in everything or in some sections, for legitimate reasons, in the process of personal data that belongs to you
To oppose the process of personal data for purposes of sending the publicity material and of interactive informative communications.
Responsible of the process
Your personal data can be treated, both manually and electronically or telecommunications way, directly from the New Service On Line S.rl.s. that from third polls which, equipped of experience, technique capacities, professionalism and integrity , develop operations of process on count of our society, to offer a better service and to guarantee the maxim satisfaction of needs , manifested from you , in respect of the secrecy and of information privacy. It can be, for example, to be about societies that deliver the ordered products at customer residence.
The third subjects, which your right will be communicated to
Your data can be put in disposition of third subjects, autonomous managers of the process, for goals connected to the distribution of services in interest or in conformity of law’s rules and regularities which arrange the communication and control organs.
As it is said in the paragraph at the privacy information, the data will be possible to be used from the New Service On Line S.r.l.s. , subject to your consensus, even for sending publicity e-mails of products and services of other societies operative in the sector of sale in distance, e-commerce, of marketing and publicity services. In any cause, the data will never be an object of diffusion.
What are the cookies and how are them used by the New Service On Line S.r.l.s.
The cookies are information, saved to the fixed disc of your PC and that are sent from your browser and a web server and which are related to your net use. In consequence, this information allow to know services and frequented sites, the choices that, navigating on net, has been manifested. Those information, are not procured, spontaneously  and directly, but they let track of the net navigation from users.   In this context, our society, intends to make clear that the identified data, through the cookies , will be used exclusively for requirements of a commercial character, with the purpose to guarantee an easiest, instant, and fast access to the site and to its services and to a simply  navigation of the individual user. They will never be utilized for creating profiles of the user based to the site’s sections to the actions completed in this site or navigating to the net.
The Credit Card on safe
The purchases which are accomplished online, predict the conferment of the identifying  data  of the Credit Card and of the relative manager. Here it is specified that the New Service On Line S.r.l.s. will not have , in any cause, knowledge of this information, seeing that at the transaction  document, the data of the Credit Card ( number, time limit, personal details of the manager), will be collected directly from the institute of emission and from the institutes of credit which intervene in the process. The conservation, the manners of the process and the dimensions of the security, are, therefore, definite from the institutions for the which the managers of the Credit Card  have their own financial rapports. It is specified , from the other side, that the New Service On Line S.r.l.s. does not assume any kind of responsibility in reference of the unauthorized or false user, of your Credit Card by third subjects.

The safety of your personal data
The New Service On Line S.r.l.s. adopt adequate and preventive dimensions of security instrument of safeguard the secrecy, the integrity, the completeness , the availability of your personal data. As it is established for the organized normative that control the security of your personal data, they are putted exactly technique expedients, logistic and organizational, which have as an objective the prevention of damages, even accidental lost, alterations, an improper use and not authorized for the data which belongs to you. Analogous measures ,preventive of security are adapted by third subjects ( responsible of the process) where the New Service On lien S.r.l.s. has held in trust process operations of your data for their count. From the other side , the New Service On Line S.r.l.s, is not considered responsible for the information not truthful sent directly  from the user( example: accuracy of e-mail address or postal address or other registry data ) , so as the information  that belongs to it and that have been supplied by a third subject, fraudulently too.


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