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The right of retirement

The New Service On Line S.r.l.s guarantee the right of retiring the purchase  contract, adverting the D.lg. 22/05/1999, n.185 “Actualization  of  the legislation 97/7/CE relative to the customer protection in subject matter of contracts on distance” and following modifications. The customer may practice the retirement right within 10 working days from the date of delivering properties. This right have to be practice with the dispatch of a written communication through the registered mail  with the reception alert to: New Service On Line S.r.l.s., Course Giovanni Lanza 19, 10131 Torino (To), Italy.
The communication could be sent , within the same deadline, other ways through e-mail addressed to or fax sent to n. +39 0118193207, with the condition of being confirmed by the recommended letter with the reception alert within the 48 further hours. Properties must be returned at the Integrated Retailer , in unchanged and complete conditions from the original package, on client payment within 15 working days from the Retiring Communication
The New Service On Line S.r.l.s. will arrange to the deposit of corresponding sum(including the payments in first shipment in cause of total retirement of order) within at maxim 30 days from the date had arrive in knowledge of the practice of the right of retirement by the customer and anyway, not before having received the returned shipment and control the state of the goods subjects in retirement. The coasts and risks connected to the restitution of products, will be charged to the purchaser. It is specified that the Normative community predict that the right of retirement have to be practiced from only physique persons (customer) who act for goals which could be considerate unrelated to their commercial activity. The retirement right, therefore, can NOT be practiced from juridical persons and from physique persons that operate for purposes tied to a commercial activity. There are excluded from the retirement right even the purchases effectuated dealers or from subjects that with any title purchase for reselling to the thirds. The retirement right is not applied to the procurement of properties packaged tailored or clearly personalized or that, for their nature  can not be ship back or that risk to be damaged or to be changed rapidly



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