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To guarantee an excellent service all our consignments, they are trusted to the best couriers. For this we have chosen the Bartolini transports and SDA and Expert Box (Internazionale-Express) for the international deliveries.

The national deliveries will be effectuated within 1-3 working days from the shipment date. The international shipments  from 3 or 5 working days, nach der Nation. As soon as the merchandise will leave, we will send you an e-mail to confirm the order’s departure

Through our site of SDA , you can control personally the state of your shipment and being informed on delivery details.  It is enough to insert the code that we will be communicated to you in the confirmation gesture of merchandise shipment, by e-mail

Through the BARTOLINI site, you can control personally the state of your shipment and being informed of shipment details. It is enough  to insert the code that will be communicated to you in the confirmation gesture of the merchandise shipment, by e-mail

Important: The courier deliver normally during the working schedule, from Monday to Friday. We recommend you , therefore to supply us an address where you have the reasonable certainty that someone will be up to receive the ordinate merchandise, even through the custodian . For services sections out of normality . it is asked to contact our Client service

All our products travel adequately packaged and are covered from the insurance policy, that defense the customer in cause of damage or dismay during the merchandise transport.

We remember you that is always possible to indicate in the order questionnaire, a shipment address different from the invoice address. For example in present for other persons , it will be necessary to indicate even the address and phone number of the consignee. In this cause the invoice will obviously be delivered to the one who has effectuated the order and payment, and the order to the consignee of the gift.

The cost of shipping to Italy is programmed with reference to the weight. For the cost of shipping in other Member refers to the price list Export Box (International Express), a leader in international transport, shown in form of order confirmation.

 For effectuated sales in other nations it is applied the applicable regulations in single states.

For additional information it is asked to contact our Shipment Service:+39 33 57 364 529 or to send an e-mail at

In causes when the received merchandise presents in the packaging box evident signs of interference or deformations that could presume any kind of damage or distortion of content. We recommend you to act in follows ways:

-In cause when it is resulted evidently that the contain is damaged, the package in subject will not be accepted, but redelivered to the courier, specifying in writing form the reason of the missing pick up.

-In the cause when the packaging box presents damages or other forms of abnormality, we invite you to accept it, signing the receipt of receiving and attaching the lettering “ I accept with provisions of control”. By this way, in cause that even to the contains , may be present any damage made by the courier conduct , it will be possible accessing to  the reimbursement request.


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