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Ferrari is the first italian house of the classic method of Bollicine, and products of class inimitable, which assume a extraordinary value between the refined garments designed and realized for the occasions that counts. Any bottle is a unique conceived piece , followed and perfected according to the strict teaching of Giulio Ferrari.
The Ferrari myth born by a man , Giulio Ferrari, and by his dream to create in Italy an wine inspired from the best champagne of Franca. A capacious and rigorous enologist , already a student of the prestigious School of Viticulture of Montpellier, in 1902 Giulio Ferrari, gave start to Ferrari: few of selected bottles in a probited cost, but that anyway were nt never enough to satisfy the requests of evaluators. At 1952 Bruno Lunelli, a titular of the most known wine bar of Trento, removed again the Ferrari from Giulio, that continued working in cellar until he died. Thanks to a precise work at cellar, combined with the innate business attitude , Bruno Lunelli increased the production up to one hundred thousand bottles on the year. For decades, following Bruno Lunelli s sons, Gino, Franco and Mauro, lead the company, that produce exclusively Classic Method, at the top of quality and of fame.In one unique word: of excellence.
Thanks of its centennial story and of the unique personality, ready to pour again softly to the cups and trophy, Ferrari expresses on over one century, prestige and credibility, taking back the unconditional affect of a public formed by expert estimators , from global protagonists of the catering and of all kind of colors, which at the right moments, always trust to only one marc-myth for toasts to remember for all the life.

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