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An old centennary tradition
The Winery Azienda Al Bano Carrisi, now entered on the elite of wine, offers a line of products of an undeniable quality. Al Bano, a citizen of the world, has always been tied to his origins, in Cellino San Marco, the family property: The soil characteristics and the strict respect for local traditions, guarantee the excellent quality level of the grapes produced in accordance with the organic agricultural rules. Agricultural agents and winemakers follow each stage of production, from harvest to aging in oak barrels. They traditional vineyards are favored with well-advanced vinification methods . Today the wines of Al Bano thanks to are distributed in every corner of the world, sometimes accompanied by evocative labels of the biggest hits singing.
Al Bano so it's not just music and songs. Voice and guitar. In general he can be seen with a microphone in his hand, on a stage or television, engaged with his solar melodies, directed to the difficult points to be achieved even by a renowned tenor. But that is only one aspect of the life of this unique and popular artist. Al Bano Carrisi has a double life, a dual activity. He is a singer and a great businessman .He sings for forty years and with the song he has become known and appreciated throughout the world. But its for forty years that he is also dedicated body and soul to cultivate the land, to be a farmer.
Today the properties of Al Bano represent a true and solid entrepreneurial reality. The holding company, or the head office company , is called "Tenute Al Bano Carrisi ." Inside there are 4 companies, the farm, the winery, the company "Casa Carrisi" and the record company. Over one hundred people during the year, are involved in the company's work. Altogether is managed a territory of 130 hectares, of which 70 are of cultivated land mainly with vineyards and olive trees, and the other 60 acres are a very precious wooded area . It is about the only remaining track of the famous ancient"forest Oritana" .This green lung, the largest of Puglia, is sacred for Al Bano. It did not just save him from destruction, but takes care of him with love, cares about him with skills, as much as it has become an authenticate oasis where are protected several kinds of plants and animals. An ambitious and unique project on its category where Al Bano is the only artist of great success who has invested his profits in the land where he was born. All the others who have born in the province, they successively moved in large cities. Cellino San Marco, a rural center in the deepest southern Italy, is a difficult location to be reached. Today, thanks to him, it is known everywhere.
Al Bano says : "the property is not yet able to take care of itself, is almost a wasted investment. I'm hardheaded and I want to endure in this adventure that may be seem crazy by the financial point of view. But if I would want to earn I’d invested elsewhere, for example at Monte Carlo. Accumulating is not and will never be the goal of my life. The art inside of me , the one which gives me emotions and make me write songs, stops me to reflect only by head. Instead it makes me act by heart. And in business world, the heart is often a limit. However I have no regrets. Because when I walk through my vineyards and olive trees I feel all of them singing with me

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