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The Favorita is born right after the second world war, as a common reality according to the requirements of that period. From much times, the company is dedicated with passion and professionalism, to the hand-made production of delicious gastronomic specialties of Piemonte and Italy , using natural qualified ingredients , without adding any conserved substances or colorants, according to methods and recipes of ancient culinary traditions. With care and selection of the first matters , the passion for the good cuisine, the research of ancient traditions , the revival of olden recipe from Piemonte and Ligurian cuisine , expressed with simplicity and packaged with passion, the Favorita Live, revalue a natural cuisine and called “poor” in past times, but with recovered tastes and fresh perfumes, for bringing on table gourmet, tastes, and aromas of rural cuisine for a natural diet.
In the origin , the typical products of mountain zones, like as chestnut, mushroom and flour, were changed with the products that fishermen of Ligurian coast offered , as an example the anchovies that, when arrived in Favorita’s labor , were put on salt and be sold in trade markets on various days of week.
With past of times, expect of anchovies , the Favorita started to bring from Liguaria the basilica, olives, the oil…
During years they were discovered some old typical piedmont recipes, that became well-known firstly at piedmont and ligurian market, then, looking up the good results, the commerce was extended in all the rest of Italy, Europe, America, Japan.
Still today, the Favorita research the simplicity of ancient recipe of rural cuisine, using natural and simple ingredients that are worked and conserved with methods which keeps at the same time, the perfume and freshness of the product, without adding chemical substances.
All the products are rigorously naturals, pasteurized in water (double boiler) and with olives and oil supplement. Many products are still hand-made, without industrial equipment’s help, such as tomatoes dried at sun are put on oil, always by hand and then, they come pasteurized.
In the production of pesto sauce, the basilico’s leafs are harvested, selected accurately by hand to avoid them to be pressed and ruined.

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