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The construction of the Contucci cellars goes back to an earlier period than that of the homonym palace (also home of Pope Julius III and the Grand Duke Ferdinando I) built in the sixteenth century, by Antonio da Sangallo the older and is internally decorated by Andrea Pozzo ,so it can be confirmed that they go back to the thirteenth century and that were part of the perimeter of Montepulciano.
In 1800, Joseph participated in the recovery of the Valdichiana through operations on its land and was one of the first producers of "Vino Nobile", as we read in some business books of the time. His son Stephen continued the work of propagator of wine and oil of Montepulciano in Italy and abroad.

Regarding to the last century, being still a recent story, we are limit to remember that the Contucci has continued to enhance their wine, making to coexist the tradition and innovation at the constant research of quality.
The farm covers 170 hectares, of which 21 cultivated to vineyards , and 15 of them are registered
To Albo of Nobile , while the others are used for the production of Red of Montepulciano , White of Contessa, the Salsovino and the Vin Santo. The Azienda Contucci’s vineyards are located in one of the best areas of production , altitude is varied between 280 and 450 meters. The soils are predominant of Pliocene origin , with some clay and sand.

The wines constituted only of native vines (Blackthorn Gentile, black Canaiolo, Bashful, Colorino, Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia del Chianti and Grechetto), are raised at Guyot and have a density of about 3300/4000 plants per hectare, with contained yields (less than 55 q / ha) which allow to produce the best quality grapes. The agronomic interventions are always characterized by the extreme respect for the ambient, is practiced "lotta guidata"; fertilization, the short pruning and the reduction of bunches are practiced according to the needs of vintage. The harvest is done by hand, however, in boxes, and with multiple steps by selecting the bunches while has start the gradual replacement of older vineyards.
The historical cellars, cured for fifty years from Adamo Pallecchi, a valued and trusted cellar man, are divided on three floors, offering to the visitor a magnificent bout of view. The capacity is of 1.00 000 kilos in vats of cement and of 50 000 kilos in vats of steel for the vinification and of 130.000 kilos on oak barrels for ageing and of 1 00 000 kilos in vats of steel and cement. Its here that are ripped all the wines produced by the company: the Nobile wine( the classic Pietro Rossa, Mullinvecchio, Riserva), the Red of Montepulciano, the Sansovino (by the sculptor and architect Andrea Contucci called as"The Sansovino" 1467-1529), the Vin Santo, the White of Contessa, made on honor of family’s women , for a total of 100.000 annual bottles. Regarding to the Nobile wine, small amounts, are aged with excellent results over 40-45 years(the most ancient bottle comes up at 1887)

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