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Ugento,a magnificent ancient city which has Salento as a base, is the frame inside of its is situated the Azienda Labbate, that has a glorious story, even why more recent on time.
Its background is worthily, not only the urban location, but even the rural area around the city, that land which establish the natural reference. The company, actually is one of the most important between national companies , which operates in oil sector, and recently, even in that of wines.
Its was at the distant time of 1902 years, more than a century ago, that Dionisio Labbate, the ancestor , was settled in this small town. More then thirty-year-old , rich of an experience on Brasil enterprising and able to develop new ideas he was able to transform the agricultural activity tied to old traditional systems, in a dynamic company climate, having as a goal the production of qualified oils and wines, and started a true industrial agricultural structure.
Progressively , he affected his son Antonio. Those, conscious that new ages grow new requirements and bring new technologies and new perspectives for evolution , become concern to extend the Azienda, and giving it a biggest efficiency and competitiveness modernizing with machineries of an advantaged guard , the production sector and starting profitable commercial contacts with Companies of Nord Italy, ready to purchase wines and oils which recognized the quality. Antonio , sent his own enthusiasm to his son Ettore, who after his contribute of increasing the Azienda today leads with great results, the company, with his sons, Antonio, Dionisio, Andrea and Marco. Ettore has renovated the entire structure of Azienda and give start to the bottling up ofoils and wines, that ones known , had conquered, for few years, a big cut of Italian and foreign trade market

Its an itinerary, as it can be seen, on rising always and anyway, the preoccupation is that of obtaining the best, to squeeze from the ancient knowledge , new suggestions. Exactly that has realized the Azienda Labbate. Its reds , decided and lovable, are they more tied to the tradition, its whites are calm and sparkling, its rose and its Chardonnay are of clear transparency. Various and suitable, the grapes from which they comes: black Malvasie, Negroamaro, Primitivo, Montepulciano, black Malvarosa , white Malvarosa, Chardonnay, Bobino, Trebbiano.Evocative names of different savors that the memory of the taste finds already only at memory pronunciation , and make us think for the savory foods that they are combined: meat roasts , games, cooked on embers, spicy cheeses, lamb and goat meat, sea fruits, fish. In this way, any savory on the table!

On their perfume, now lightly fruity, with different hints, now ample and persistent , now warm, now happily balanced will surface the aromas of this land, the deep sips of soils where grapes varieties push their roots. At the variety of perfumes, now influenced and soften, it goes with that of flavors: now soft, full structured, velvet. Even the color plays a fundamental role on character of Labbate wines: from ruby red with orange reflections to intense ruby red with seed shades, from straw yellow with a shiver of lime green at coral rosy or to golden yellow: color, all of them, through is filter the light of a sun and of a sky without comforts, is that of a country that the wind toward it, now wild and savage, now delicious and lightly, leads to the sea breath. Between its products the Azienda Labbate, tried to realize all this in a happy fusion of tradition and innovation, of authencity and technologic competence , of knowledge of first substances and of production abilities. From that , born and arrives at tables, the best that Azienda by itself expresses…with a remind of poetry

The centennial passion for agricultural and the love for "the mother land ", inspire the Azienda Labbate, the which was born at 1902.From the centennial olive tree of Salento, a place caress from the sun, with a sea perfume and cradle of ancient traditions , the Labbate family , from 4 generations, extract its precious and renowned oil extra virgin by olive tree.
During years , at the confirmed production of precious oil, from a large clientele of global range, has come up beside , other gastronomic specialties , typical of mediterranean : wine, olive tree, pate, several condiments , and a boiled must wine. Today, on very distant years, well-aware to work on a perfect harmony with nature, and satisfied of any one of our choices, we have enriched and qualified our offer with an innovative line of biological condiments. With this one, we want to progress the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of our products, without excluding the union between traditions and research always new balances on savories. From Salento , with our credibility , built over time, we propose the products coming from the great tradition of mediterrean diet and from our experience and passion.

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