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The company is established of 400 hectares vines, allocated in areas of Sicilia, intensely different between them; it is went from the micro climate of the small farm Ficuzza, 189 hectares in 800 meters of altitude, with a strong thermal day-night range, that instills to grapes of a particular aromatic freshness ,to the calcareous lands, whites and from Butera, 140 hectares at 400 meters of altitude, flooded by the hot Sicilian sun, that offers a particular full structure , to the vineyards in Alcano, 70 hectares in 250 meters of altitude, with black and clayish terrains, full of force and complexity.
Two lines of produced wines: a basic line of mono varieties, established by autochthonous vine varieties, vinificated in purity (Alcano, Insolia, Nero D’Avola, Merlot, Syrah) and a second signed line of territorial wines, the classifications of which , of great splendor, inspires to the ancient names, with which were identified various vineyards (Angimbé, Jalé, Benuara, Sàgana, Noà, Cubìa). The musicality of names, founds an ideal continuity in the lively coloration of labels, made together with the sun which appears in trademark, a distinctive sign of Cusumano wines. But the Cusumano style, founds its full realization in the new cellar of Particinio, in the province of Palermo, which appears to the area of an ancient beam, and is extended at a surface of 4.000 mq and at 3.000 mq undergrounded.
The innovative project of the architect Fabrizio Ruffino, has imagine an amazing contemporary example of design and style , applied in a productive realty which includes, except of the centre of production, the ageing cellar and offices, also a space of meetings and events to conserve and spread the culture of an ancient product such as the wine and the passion of a modern company like as Cusumano. In anyone of thirteen Cusumano’s labels, is a piece of land and of Sicilian story.
Exalting the peculiarity of a generous land and of strong contrasts as the Sicilian one, to present innovative wines, to go toward the new requirements and to the transformed flavors of consumers in this strong idea, builded at the perfect union between the past and the future, tradition and innovation, human being and nature, the young brothers Alberto and Diego Cusumano, with the precious contribution of the enologist Mario Ronco, gave life in the 2001 to their entrepreneurial project, becoming in the course of some years a symbol of dynamism and of innovation of the Sicilian enology, still to much related to stereotypes of tradition and historicity. Contemporaneity , dynamism, technology, but also a knoweledge of artisan mode” which derives from the ancient rural wisdom , are the values established in the success base, exploring from this young company, that knewd to transfer the local culture in a global range, and brought its wines on the tables of all the world , obtaining prestigious identifications and contributing in the development of Sicilian territory.

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