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At the Nord-West side of the Salentina penninsul, zone of ancient wine variety tradition, is founded Salice Salentino, a small rural municipality , which hosts from more than three centuries an ancient cellar: The Leone De Castris . It is the 1665 year. Between the Uberto’s vineyards of that period,the Oronzo Arcangelo Maria Francesco Duke, the Count of Lemos (the grandson of Ferranto and Francisco, both Spanish viceroy in Italy), made possible to be born the cellar.
The duke, is excited for a very fertile and rich land , understands the value, therefore, after the early years of production and transformation of the product, he turns back to Spain, sells some properties, returns and invests the profits in Salentino’s lands.
At the beginnings of ‘800 years , the Vinicola company, starts to export the crude wine in the United States , in German and in France. The cellar starts the bottling of its products with Piero and Lisetta Leone De Castris, in 1925. In 1943, it was born the Five Roses, the most renowned products of the company, and the first rosy wine to be bottled and marketed in Italy and being exported immediately in United States.
The story of this wine, is still remembered, today, in the company, like one of the most significant events on centuries itinerary. In fact, it exist a city quarter in the feud of Salice Salentino, which is called “Cinque Rose”, a name due to the fact that for entire generations , The Leone De Castris, had had each one, with an incredible perseverance, five children. At the ending of the war, the general Charles Poletti, commissioner for the provision of the ally forces, required a big procurement of rosy wine, the grapes of the which , were coming from the feud Cinque Rose. But the general, wanted a wine with an American name, and according to the right translation, it became “Five Roses”. The foreign commercial net, today, looks the present products , except of the European trade markets , even in United States, at Singapore, Canada, in Brasil, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong etc. If the Salento is famous to the world, is due to the De Castris, always pioneers and after followed by other companies.
The medium annual production is around of 2.5 millions of bottles.
The Leone De Castris is a company that for centuries, works in Puglia, only Pugliese products. For someone, this could be a limit, but in fact, it is peculiarity which has the precise goal to value the products of Salento, understood as “mission”. As a conclusion, it can be said that this company, represents almost 350 years of history and which watch over the future.

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